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beaches in Kusadasi
Beaches in Kusadasi

The beaches in Kusadasi guarantees endless fun & unlimited sunbathing during your holiday....

1-City Beach: Located in the Centrum, the sandy beach provides a perfect environment.

City beach

2-Pigeon Island Beach: A private beach, situated on the shore of the island. Ideal for the swimmers enjoying translucent and deep waters of the Aegean.

Pigeon Island b.

3-Yilanciburnu Beach: A quiet beach, located on the peninsula behind Pigeon Island. It can be reached by Kadinlar Denizi (Ladies Beach) minibuses in every 5 minutes.

Yilanciburnu beach

4-Ladies Beach:  The powdery sandy beach of Ladies Beach provides excellent entertaining within its borders. Kadinlar Denizi (Ladies Beach) minibuses departure from the city Centrum in every 5 minutes.

Ladies beach

5-Kustur Beach: With its varied activities including water-skiing, parasailing, surfing, Kustur Beach is located on the 6th km of Selcuk road, and can be reached by Sehirici minibuses from the city center. 

6-Tusan Beach: Situated just near Kustur Beach , Tusan Beach offers  unlimited fun with the various choices of beach&water activities. The beach is located on the 7th km of Selcuk road and can be reached by Sehirici minibuses.

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