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   Turkey is a natural bridge connecting Asia to Europe, surrounded by the Black Sea, Aegean Sea and Mediterranean. Turkiye is the neighbor of Greece and Bulgaria on the west; Georgia, Armenia, Iran and Azerbaijan on the east; Iraq and Syria on the south. Ankara is the capital of the country. population of the whole country is about 65 million. Istanbul and Izmir are the other major urban centers of the country. These cities are well-developed in art, commerce and education. The principles of theatres, concert, halls, universities, fabrics, companies and conservatories are in these centers. Turkish is widely spoken in the country. However, most of the people know at least English in touristic areas.

   99 % of the country's population are Muslims. Turkey is governed by secular democratic system. In all Muslim countries only Turkey is governed by secular democracy.

   Varied surface figures of the country such as chain of mountains, plains, seas, highlands, lakes cause some diversities in climate and plant covers. The rainy highlands and green woods at the north, turns to the dry steppes an the weather becomes colder in inner side of  Turkey.

   On the other hand Mediterranean and Aegean part of the country are generally utilized from the bright sun almost every season. Cold weather is rarely in these areas. It seems unbelievable that in summer one can ski on Turkey's snowy mountains and then leave himself to the warm waters of the sea during the same day.

   Turkey has played an important role in world civilization. For thousand of years, these fertile lands has been home for many successful nations. Almost, in every part of the country many magnificent constructions that were left behind, surprise everyone.

   By the history combining with the nature, Turkiye offers you a perfect environment for a wonderful holiday.

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