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samos island, greece

Samos island is situated in East Aegean Sea. Samos is a nice island with unique natural beauties, green mountains, endless vineyards and wonderful beaches. Samos is the eighth biggest Greek Island ( 475 sq. Extend – 159 km coast line ) with a population 40.000 inhabitants.

Summer is cool, winter is warm in Samos so it’s ground is very fertile especially for olive and grape.

According to mythology Goddess Hera was born in Samos Island and today visitors can see the remains of The Temple of Hera here. Phythagoras who was famous Philosopher and Mathematician of ancient times lived in Samos. Famous Philosopher Epikouros and Astronomer Aristarchos also came from Samos Island.

Today Samos Island is regarded as one of the most beautifull and attractive Hellenistic islands.

FERRY to Samos:
Samos is located only 20 nautical miles south west of Kusadasi.

There are two ferries everyday between Kusadasi and Samos during season. There is one early in the morning and another one in the afternoon. Regular Ferry schedule everday starts by 1st of April and continues until end of October. Ferries depart at 08:30 am from Samos and Kusadasi. The return time is 17:00 pm from Samos and Kusadasi. Journey takes 1 hour 45 minutes.

From Samos you can reach Islands like Ikaria, Mykanos, Santorini, Pireaus etc.

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Quoted from Samos Guide with permission.

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